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Central Pierce, WA in National Spotlight

central Pierce KME

Central Pierce Fire & Rescue stepped away from a long history of purchasing fire apparatus from a sole manufacturer. With this step, the department chose KME Fire Apparatus and Cascade Fire & Emergency, WA to provide eight KME Custom Pumpers engineered to the department's exact specifications.

Paul Stueve, Asst. Chief of Logistics for Central Pierce Fire & Rescue states, “Cascade Fire and KME have provided an experience of responsiveness, a willingness to meet high expectations, and delivery with professionalism."

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Mark Merritt, Cascade Fire & Safety

mark merritt

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Since the 1940s, Cascade Fire & Safety has been providing equipment needed for fire safety.

The company started out servicing fire extinguishers, but has since expanded to selling and servicing firetrucks, as well as offering protective gear, first aid and safety supplies throughout Central Washington.

For Cascade’s current president, Mark Merritt, the business also reflects his passion for the fire service...

Selah Fire Department Welcomes New Pumper Truck To Fleet

Selah FD - Selah, WA

After years of planning, waiting and searching, the Selah Fire Department has introduced its first new pumper truck in 15 years. The new vehicle replaces the department’s old 1989 pumper truck, which was out of compliance due to its open seating configuration. Now, the old truck will provide the department with a spare vehicle, which can be used to train recruits.

Selah Fire Chief Gary Hanna said the department started looking into acquiring a new pumper truck in 2014. The department didn’t have money at the time to spend on major equipment purchases, but Hanna said former City Administrator David Kelly recognized the department’s funding needs and encouraged the City Council to add a utility tax for police and fire vehicles.

Firefighters hoping for best, bracing for worst this wildfire season

You don't normally consider wildfires a sign of spring in Washington state.

From 2010 to 2018, 12 wildfires scorched 14 acres in the first quarter of each year.

But this year, there have been 58 fires in the first three months of the year, including one in Yakima County.

And for Josh Clark, a fire scientist/meteorologist with the state Department of Natural Resources, it’s not a good sign...