A pumper is the most versatile and important vehicle for every agency. Commonly known as a fire engine, Pumpers are the primary firefighting vehicle found in every fire department. Pumpers greatly vary in chassis and body configuration and many have an emphasis on specialty applications to best fit the needs of your agency. We are proud to represent a wide array of platforms and designs from multiple manufacturers.

Learn more about all of the different types of pumpers that are available with Fouts Bros, KME, or E-ONE.

A high-quality pumper that won't break your budget

Fouts Bros. pumpers have all the features you need, delivered fast, and costs far less than you might expect.

Revolutionary body design and construction

KME designs and manufactures thousands of innovative pumper body configurations in a variety of materials to satisfy the needs of your environment as well as your budget.

Deliver a World of Versatility

Wherever there are fires and emergencies, you’ll see E-ONE’s Pumpers and Tankers. In fact, there are more than 28,000 traditional fire pumpers and rescue pumpers in active service throughout the United States, Canada, and in 80-plus countries worldwide.